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Kinetik has been on an exciting journey since we launched. Our goal is to be the number one regional consultancy specializing in Outsourced Talent Acquisition to the Digital sector..


If you are in an Agency, an RPO business or working in Internal Talent acquisition and want to find out what the 4th space is all about, we'd love to hear from you!



Every company exists for a reason. It starts with an idea that is acted upon and based on what happens next determines the creation of a business that ultimately becomes a living breathing entity.


We set up the Kinetik business with a very clear vision in mind regarding the problems we wanted to solve and the working culture we were aiming to achieve.


We believe we have very much crossed the line from being a start up towards being an employer brand that we are proud of and we’d like to share with you why Kinetik exists based on what we have learnt so far, projecting forwards to what we aim to be with your support.

We aim to Energize Talent Acquisition as a pioneer of outsourced talent operations.

We support Digital brands and departments across the Asia market with enhanced capability and resources for managing rapid upscaling of digital talent. 

We strive to be an employer of choice promoting an authentic, open culture where people can build the knowledge and confidence to progress in their careers.


We expect all our staff to have good values and we don’t see merit in isolating fundamental truths as part of this exercise.


If we hire you, of course we expect integrity! What we are interested in is ensuring our staff understand the key principles our business is based around and the behaviours we seek as a result.

Service mindedness to clients

Diligent, timely, well executed and with good attention to detail and expectation management.

We are creative 

We put continued thought and innovation into what we do and we come forward with our ideas.

We are professional in all our communication 

To colleagues, clients and candidates, we avoid reactions and strive to respond in the best way possible.

We are digital experts 

We are curious and strive to be well informed about the Digital landscape we operate within.

We are data diligent 

Data is at the centre of what we do and we are disciplined in our approach to collating data accurately and using in the right way.

Helping Hands

CSR & The Community

At Kinetik, we recognise that, as a business that is built on the successes of the Malaysian economy and the digital community, we should be mindful of ‘giving back’ in an appropriate manner.


As such, we are proactively committed to 2 streams of activity:


  • We seek to support the talent ecosystem in any way we can, at a grassroots level, since it's so important great talent doesn't slip by at first base! As an example, we conduct surveys and create  content on a regular basis to help Digital industry newbies in the early stages get on the right path.

  • Our community support also extends to regular CSR activities, such as our ongoing commitment to New Lives Community Society (NLCS), which helps ensure that kids even from the most underprivileged sectors of society are getting access to education across key areas like reading, writing, life values, creative thinking and even Digital!


Beyond this, we operate as a business with a heart and make regular contributions to causes that arise that strike a chord with us. We are also very open to hearing about new charitable initiatives from our team on an ongoing basis.


As a growing, dynamic company, with a long term strategic plan, we are keen to attract high calibre talent at all levels…

To fuel our long term growth plans and to help us service existing clients in a research capacity, we are seeking our next wave of graduate hires to join Kinetik Hiring to embark on their career journey with us. If you are a newbie, interested in building your career in Talent Acqusition within Digital, via our graduate training program then we’d love to hear from you.

  • Talent Acquisition Consultant

  • Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

  • Managing Talent Acquisition Consultant


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Nazmina, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Exhilarating, Enriching, Innovative...


Those would be the 3 words that come to mind if I were to summarize these last few months in Kinetik Hiring.


Joining Kinetik Hiring has been an opportunity for me to learn across multitude of areas of not only digital & tech across the region but also an opportunity to work closely with our partners, understanding employer branding, the overall landscape of hiring across APAC in the different pockets of specialization – all of which has elevated and accelerated my professional development in a comprehensive manner.


Majura, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Kinetik is a company that offers the opportunity to diversify your professional experience. Here, I am empowered to lead and build my dream team alongside great colleagues who are always there to support and guide me. In Kinetik, ideas are valued over hierarchy and this gives us a lot of room to contribute and innovate as we grow- not only as a company but also as an individual


Jetson, Talent Acquisition Consultant

Kinetik gave me a lot of exposure working with clients from different industries as an in-house recruiter, and there will always be an experienced group of consultants to support you behind the scenes when you need it


Nadia, Talent Acquisition Consultant

The amount of knowledge, exposure, and training that I have learnt and gathered have been a great experience. The diverse industries we get exposure to give us the opportunity to learn from different types of setting. I am currently supporting an account independently; safe to say I would’ve never thought I would be able to do this on my own for the next few years, but here I have built the confidence to manage clients single handedly. I am thankful that the leadership sees our potential. The team at Kinetik are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with peers and we are able to reach out to one another for support, working as a team. As such, it feels more like a family here at Kinetik and conclusion, my journey has been nothing less than amazing!


King, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

I’ve been at Kinetik for about a year now, and I have to say the experience has been great! Working in a company that looks to disrupt the market has been eye opening and exciting.

On the leaders of the company, they are dedicated and are really people who lead by example. Seeing the founders put in the hard work definitely spurs you on! 


Huda, Administration Manager

I have had the pleasure of working at Kinetik for over a year now. I enjoy the stability of the work culture and open respect for work life balance and overall wellness of the team. There is also a high level of trust, which means I have the freedom to create a way of working that works best for me. We also have a great team culture, where everyone steps in to do their part and share their knowledge and experience!