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CSR - September 27, 2023

Kinetik Hiring | CSR | KL to Kuantan Cycle


?‍♂️Kinetik Hiring – KL to Kuantan Cycle – Fund Raise for Equal Access to Schooling?‍♂️

?As H.G. Wells once put it, history is “a race between education and catastrophe”.

?Education seemed until recently to be winning, though it’s come to light that one of the lasting effects of the pandemic is its disastrous effect on education, particularly for those from a less privileged background. Whilst this situation is global, there’s no better place to start to make an impact than home.?

➡️Personally, I’ve been riding for a few months getting mentally and physically fitter week by week. A follow up thought was could we raise money for a good cause whilst doing this? ?This is when we engaged with NLCC and started supporting their weekend schooling sessions with kids from the local community. From there, it became clear we could combine a renewed passion for exercise, a big goal and doing some good for the local community!?

?By cycling from one side of Malaysia to the other on 19th August over the course of 2 days, the hope is we can draw attention to this crisis, which is very close to home and impacts all of us. Through education, we can truly ensure Malaysia reaches its full potential by engaging talent from all backgrounds, no matter their economic status.???

??By contributing to this campaign, you can really make a difference in an area of society where it’s truly needed. Please check out our fundraising page below to learn more about the campaign and to make your donation!⬇️

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