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Events - February 26, 2024

HR Event Highlight: Enabling High Performance & Transformation through Talent Development

🗣Kinetik Hiring & Human Inc hosted an immersive experience on Friday, 17th March in KL attended by HR leaders and professionals from a range of industries to discuss and explore this critical and timely topic💭

💡Below are a few takeaways from the great keynotes by Sam Baxendale and Christoffer Erichsen as well as a lively panel discussion with Norman Noble from Boost & Marwan ElGamal from GOTOKO moderated by Synne Støhlmacher: 🧠

✔️1. Run your L&D function like a tech product team
Progressive L&D functions are in many ways similar with customer centric Tech companies – data driven, run fast experiments to validate new features or value propositions, build and release features in bite sized chunks instead of building big full fledged solutions (agile for L&D)

✔️2. Run frequent skills-sensing sessions to ensure you learn quickly from the different business units; what skills they need to be built or upgraded to keep your offering relevant and get feedback on existing content to keep optimizing it. Some skills are expiring – what’s crucial and what’s not?

✔️3. Think learning experience
Apply design process and methods to map learner personas’ needs and preferences to curate the right experience journey across multiple channels and formats

✔️4. Measure Return on Expectations. Measuring ROI of learning is often too resource intensive and expensive compared to learning investment. Focus instead on measuring return on expected behaviour change and key outcomes.

👏🏻It was amazing to witness the volume of ideas created by participating HR professionals during the silent brainstorm facilitated by Christoffer Erichsen!⚡️

✨Thank you very much to those who attended and here’s to more events in 2023!❤️

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