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Events - January 30, 2023

Kinetik x Human Inc. : Design Thinking on Employee Onboarding


💎Kinetik Hiring would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended Wednesday’s event: Design Thinking the Employee Onboarding Experience, co-hosted by us and our friends at 💎

📣The purpose of the event was to shed light on the importance of #onboarding #newhires and how methodical #ideation tools and techniques lead to a more #effective and #holistic onboarding experience for #employees as shared by Sam Baxendale!💥

👏🏻We are grateful to our experienced and inspiring guest speakers and industry experts; Tricia Especkerman, Chai Ping ChuaNaziatul Shafeenaz Nasruddin who dedicated their time to share first-hand trade insight to a packed room of over 40 guests in attendance primarily made up of #HR professionals across different industries🗣

💡It was amazing to witness the volume of ideas created by participating HR leaders and professionals during the silent brainstorm facilitated by Christoffer Erichsen!⚡️

👀Stay tuned for more HR Insights events in the near future! ❤️

#HR #recruitment #employeeonboarding + #designthinking is proven to deliver better outcomes such as increased #collaboration and better #innovation #results! ✨

👍Again, thank you so much to everyone who made this a reality! Fantastic way to end the year on a high note! 🤗

🎊Here’s to more events in 2023! 🎊