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Insight on Demand - August 15, 2022

Kinetik Hiring | Insight on Demand | Series 4 | EP 2

💥Kinetik Hiring | Insight on Demand | Series 4, Episode 2💥

🗣We are very happy to be sharing Episode 2, Series 4 of our Insight on Demand VLOG!🎉

🧐 This series features Rachel Ooi, a vastly experienced Digital leader based in #singapore, who is currently Chief Growth & Alliances Officer with dentsu international. Her journey to the top of the industry is fascinating and something we can learn from.

I was delighted to spend some time getting to understand more about Rachel’s driving philosophies, which underpin her first book publication, #Unshaken, which she talks about openly in Episodes 1 & 2.

🤗We look forward to releasing the remaining episode next week for the Quick Fire round with Rachel, so watch this space!