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Education at 'grass roots' - NLCS

Educational access at grass roots for all levels of society is such an important theme for the sustainability of the Malaysia talent ecosystem. We are hearing and seeing more initiatives for our graduate population to help students and employers alike establish better alignment.

Though if we peel right back, the seeds for future growth are sewn much earlier and it's worth focusing on ensuring the younger kids coming through are getting the attention they need from all walks of life - this is for their sake and to ensure Malaysia benefits from as wide a net as possible of potential talent coming through. Like many societies globally, there's considerable work to be done, but all is not lost! This is thanks to the existence of fabulous institutions like New Lives Community Society (NLCS), which helps ensure that kids even from the most under privileged sectors of society are getting access to education across key areas like reading, writing, life values, creative thinking and even Digital!

Here's a snapshot from their most recent newsletter to give you a snapshot:

Whilst Malaysia has a thriving economy, there are those that get left behind, as we know, for a variety of reasons and this is why bodies like NLCS are so important. That said, sadly, COVID has hit them hard from a practical and monetary point of view, but the current times also represent an opportunity to use Technology to provide remote support and learning.

Here at Kinetik Hiring, we are committed to supporting a grass roots, educationalist agenda to support early stage learning as much as possible for the future benefit of Malaysia, through our support of bodies like NLCS.

There are many ways you can help too...

We are looking to access hand laptops where possible that can be allocated to the centre, so we can conduct reading sessions and also download other learning materials in support of an ongoing on-line syllabus. This is especially applicable during the current period of avoiding risk through contact, so we are looking to use Technology to drive 'virtual' classroom sessions. As such...

- Do we have old hardware (laptops) among us we can give up to good use?

- Do we know others that do?

- Can anyone offer ideas on service providers out there that run schemes to recycle old hardware for good causes?

Regarding the above, we welcome any additional input regard ideas and resources - this is one of those genuine causes that can make a massive difference in Malaysia, though, sadly, they don’t get enough support so rely on support from people that can.

So let's see what we can do to help.

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