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Graduate guide to acing your CV

Being a fresh graduate is one of the toughest and confusing times to experience. Every job that you are applying for seems to request for some existing experience that you do not have. So how do you suddenly get these experiences? You don’t but fret not because in this blog, we will cover the most important tool for you to start your job search properly and that is your CV!

Before we proceed, this will not be a blog that provides you with a template and asks you to follow such templates. We believe that a CV is something that is personal and should reflect your individuality. Actually, that is the first tip!

Do not have a one size fits all CV

As stated, your CV should be personalized. A simple search on Google would allow you to find all the templates you need. At this point, those templates are only useful to you as a guidance and not something you should blindly follow. Just like this blog, take what is applicable for you and implement it in ways that would fit you. You are the main story of your life, so focus on that.

Furthermore, understand that there are different types of CVs i.e. Graphic design, Sales or IT. For instance, a sales CV should focus more on your ability to close deals. Hence, your experience in debate, public speaking, and part of an event that requires you to look for sponsorships or ticket sales would be relevant to note. So please don’t use the same CV to apply across all positions.

Skills vs Experience

There will always be people bringing you down and being a fresh graduate, the most draining part is when you feel like you have no experience to prove your worth. This is the worst mindset to have. At the end of the day, what you have done in your university life, whether you represented the university for a competition, part of the committee to host events, volunteered on the weekend at a pet shelter, or even being part of a group project that required you to code a system, IT IS ALL RELEVANT! Just because you lack experience, doesn’t mean you are walking around empty handed.

These experiences would have given you skills that you are not aware about. Take the time to reflect and analyze those activities you did because surely, there is something to share out of it. Reflect your efforts, highlight the key responsibilities and the outcome.


This is something that might seem small but people tend to overlook. It definitely is very important, especially if you are planning to pursue a career in the marketing or creative industry - copywriter, content creation, marketing, and others. Wait, scratch that. Grammar is important for all positions. Period.

Social media

We believe that new generations will always find ways to do something new. What might be a place to post amazing cat pictures is now a place to showcase expertise. If you happen to have social media or even blogs that you focus on discussing niche topics or even a place to showcase your talents, include a link in your CV.

Be your own audience

Once you have taken the time to really develop your CV, read it again from the perspective of a third person whether that person is a potential employer or a position of a critic. Being your best critic would really allow you to reflect if your CV is impactful to the person who is reading it. Most people who tend to follow templates would also tend to skip this part and that is why most CVs look indistinguishable to others.

In summary, we believe that the best CV is the one that you personalized completely. In the world we live in now, where the same information is widely accessible across different people, it is very difficult to be “original” anymore. The mindset now is no longer “Am I unique?” because you are unique and everyone is. The question you should be asking is, “How can I shine better than the rest?”. Take the time to understand yourself because your CV will not be able to do that for you.

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