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Insights: “CV – What Matters”

Here at Kinetik, we believe in providing data driven insights around talent acquisition. Recently, we decided to run a survey called “CV – What Matters” to gauge with industry professionals, mainly digital, on what they think is important in a CV. This blog will mainly discuss on the perception of the hiring managers. Let’s take a look!

Professional Photo

We always hear people saying that they need a professional photo to attach on their CV but is it important? Based on our recent survey, majority of the hiring managers are inclined towards Not Important. This is because of two reasonings:

1. They are only interested in hiring for skills/experience

2. They believe that photos would allow bias to happen

Meanwhile, the ones that are inclined towards Important believes that first impression is crucial, and it would be easier for the hiring managers to remember the candidates.

Template and Design

When it comes to templates and designs, our findings indicate that majority of the hiring managers are inclined towards Important. A deeper look into it shows that this is because of a few reasons:

1. Allows the reader to read with ease when the CV is concise or well designed

2. Shows professionalism and personality

On the other hand, the hiring managers that are inclined towards Not Important believes that it is purely based on the content of the CV.


For grammar, it seems that almost all hiring managers can agree that it is Important mainly because:

1. Reflects on the ability of the candidate to communicate and communication is key

2. Reflects on the thoughtfulness and effort the candidate had shown in creating the CV


When it comes to achievement, strong majority of hiring managers are inclined towards Important whether these achievements are from work, i.e., getting a recognition award or outside of work, i.e., winning a marathon. Few reasons:

1. Help to understand their previous successes and experience in that role if the achievements are from work

2. Would demonstrate the candidate’s strengths and skills, for work or outside of work

3. Able to gauge on passion, what’s important or the motivating factor for the candidate on not only at work but most importantly around individuality, family, society and etc.

Furthermore, it is also best that we look solely into experience as shared by those that are more Neutral when it comes to achievements.

In summary, the insights shared here are merely opinionative and should not be taken as a totality. It is important for us to tackle each job applications exclusive because at the end of the day, the best CV to have is the one that best reflects your personality and ability around the job you are applying for.

What do you think of these findings? Share with us your thoughts!

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