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Kinetik Hiring appoints Co-Founder - Ho Swee Jim

We are very excited to announce a key milestone in the Kinetik Hiring journey - we have formally appointed a new Director and Co-founder, Ho Swee Jim. Jim joins Sam Baxendale following a long term awareness of each other's respective abilities and track record in the world of Digital Talent Acquisition. This definitely represents the coming to together of two industry leaders that have quite different, though highly complimentary areas of strength..

Jim is an ex Software Engineer turned Talent acquisition professional, who brings excellent experience of establishing and leading teams for some of the top service providers and digital employers in the Malaysia market. Jim therefore brings extra value as someone that has a deep, hands on understanding of technical requirements. Given Jim's natural eye for detail and number-crunching, he will be responsible for defining and delivering the Kinetik Hiring process for our clients and establishing our data and insights proposition.

Jim hails from Kuching and is based in Kuala Lumpur. On a fun note, Jim is an APAC champion at Yo-yoi-ing and as a highly numerical talent, is technically unbeatable at the card game of Black Jack!

Jim, it's wonderful to have you on board.

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