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*Kinetik Hiring | Employee testimonial*

As 2021 takes shape, one thing we are confident of is that demand for our Hiring on Demand model will keep building. Our ability to scale is dependent on securing the very best Talent Acquisition talent for the Digital and Technology sectors. If you are curious about what working life is all about at Kinetik, why not review first hand from a member of our team.

Nazmina Khan is a Senior Consultant who was with us from day 1 and from such early stages has been instrumental in building our key client relationship with ADA, a leading regional technology and consumer insights consultancy here in Kuala Lumpur.

"Exhilarating, Enriching, Innovative...

Those would be the 3 words that come to mind if I were to summarize these last few months in Kinetik Hiring.

Joining Kinetik Hiring has been an opportunity for me to learn across multitude of areas of not only digital & tech across the region but also an opportunity to work closely with our partners, understanding employer branding, the overall landscape of hiring across APAC in the different pockets of specialization – all of which has elevated and accelerated my professional development in a comprehensive manner.

We are currently hiring and if you’re serious about your career growth in a culture that is healthy, with a management and team that genuinely applauds and appreciates your contribution, do get in touch with us directly and we look forward to having you as part of our success story!"

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