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*Kinetik Hiring | HR Vendor of the year award*

We are very proud to announce we have been awarded Silver in the HR Online vendor of the year awards in the category of Best Staffing firm. It's fantastic that in our first year we have been able to gain recognition for our achievements in this way and this accolade boosts our confidence further to aim high!

👉 For the Kinetik Hiring team, 2020 was a year of growth, change and hard graft. What was just an idea 7 months ago has now matured into a living, breathing business with a culture, identity and clear vision for 2021 and beyond. 💥

👉 We are so privileged to have such a smart, dynamic team already and very grateful for such support and commitment in the early stages. This has been a true enabler for us so far.❤️

👉 We are incredibly excited to deliver our core vision to Energize Talent Acquisition in 2021 and at the moment it looks like the year has big plans in store!

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