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💥Kinetik Hiring | Insight on Demand | Interview Series💥

🤘We are very excited to launch Episode 3 of Insight on Demand!

👌To help us navigate 2021, a year where we hope to put new learnings and approaches into practice, for EP3, we ran an interview session with Matthew Lewsadder. He is the co-founder of Brighttail, a hugely successful Digital Marketing agency, which supports US customers from a Malaysia base, using Silicon Valley business principles and standards. In this session, we took stock of the following 👇...

👉 What big lessons can we take from the last 18 months?

👉 What are the main sources of transformation?

👉 What are the future prospects for Malaysia?

It was a fabulous session and was both fun and informative. Please check out our teaser for a taste of the key themes we explored and we will be release the first of 3 segments for your viewing from tomorrow 👌...

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