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💥Kinetik Hiring | Insight on Demand | S3 EP1💥

🗣We are over the moon to be presenting EP1 of S3 of our Insight on Demand VLOG series🎉

🤗 Episode 1, features Alan Cheah, a vastly experienced leader in his field and current GM of Carsome 🚗.

We have broken each episode down into 3 bite sized sections, handling different areas of our discussion…

🧐 For today's release, Alan talks about prospects for the Malaysia talent ecosystem 📊. He also talks about steps employers can take to address the, so called, 'war on talent' we are currently faced with 🔥.

We hope you enjoy the segment and look forward to sharing the next one later this week!

Don't forget you can visit our website, where you will find the full length versions of all previous and future episodes👇:

🙏🏼We hope you enjoy the content and we welcome any feedback along the way...


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