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💥Kinetik Hiring | Insight on Demand | S3 EP1💥

🗣We are thrilled to be presenting the 2nd segment of EP1 of our Insight on Demand VLOG series, featuring Alan Cheah, a vastly experienced leader in his field and current GM of Carsome 🚗.

🧐 For today's release, Alan talks about the following topics:

⏭ The transformational impact COVID has had on the world of work and some of the emerging positives

⏭ How should employers manage the notion of returning to the office in the new norm and how do you define the so called 'hybrid' approach?

⏭ And talking more about the hiring process itself, what can hiring managers do to limit or remove unconscious bias when hiring potential candidates?

We hope you enjoy the segment and look forward to sharing the next one later this week!🙏🏼

Don't forget you can visit our website, where you will find the full length versions of all previous and future episodes👇:

🙏🏼We hope you enjoy the content and we welcome any feedback along the way...


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