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💥Kinetik Hiring | Insight on Demand | Series 3 Launch!💥

🗣After a few months out, we are over the moon the be driving our Insight on Demand VLOG series again!🎉

🤗At Kinetik, we are passionate about the importance of effective People Operations in the delivery of successful Digital initiatives📈. For this series, we had the privilege of speaking with 3 of Malaysia's top Digital Brick Builders to gain their perspective. We are so excited to present the insights of the following icons of the Digital stage:

⏭Alan Cheah

⏭Joe McGuire

⏭Amanda Chin

We will be releasing the first episode with Alan Cheah next week, so stay tuned for updates!✅

Don't forget you can visit our website, where you will find the full length versions of all previous and future episodes👇:

🙏🏼We hope you enjoy the content and we welcome any feedback along the way...


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