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Kinetik Hiring| Market Bytes - Regional skills benchmarking

Many Digital technology firms are seeking to evaluate cost and skills arbitrage on a regional basis across ASEAN. This is a fascinating area of the Digital talent ecosystem currently as firms seek to establish how best to distribute their talent portfolio regionally, especially as certain emerging locations become more competitive. The team here at Kinetik Hiring are working hard to curate robust data to support this kind of ROI assessment process faced by CTOs and HR heads alike.

As a snapshot, below is a simplified 'infographic' covering software build skills across:

- Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta & Ho Chi Minh

- Software Engineering, QA, Devops & Testing

- Mid & Senior level

- Tier 1 (super league) & Tier 2 (mainstream)

We have pegged this in SG$ to enable an immediate comparison with the current ASEAN HQ of Digital operations.*

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