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💥Kinetik Hiring | New Joiners💥

🤘We are excited to announce 3 new joiners here at Kinetik!

In the wake of ongoing MCO conditions, sadly we could not go with our usual photo-shoot approach. However, making the most of what we have, we still wanted to make this exciting announcement.

👍 Gayathri Balaram (Gee) and Simren Kaur will immediately play a key role diving straight in at the deep end leading key accounts for us. Khairil Azrul will supporting strategic sourcing initiatives across multiple accounts. We are delighted to have Gee, Simren and Khairil on the team and are confident in their ability to deliver our core objective to ‘Energize Talent Acquisition’ for our clients.

👌Please join me in welcoming them all to the Kinetik family and we look forward to a great working partnership from here.🙏🏼


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