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💥Kinetik Hiring | New Joiners💥

🤘We are excited to announce 4 new joiners here at Kinetik!

In the wake of ongoing MCO conditions, sadly we could not go with our usual photo-shot approach. However, making the most of what we have, we still wanted to make this exciting announcement.

👍 Soleha Shaharuddin, Chelsea Lin, Raymonda Hermistan and Keren T. Selvam will immediately play a key role diving straight in at the deep end, supporting key accounts for us. We are delighted to have these 4 awesome additional members on the team and are confident in their ability to deliver our core objective to ‘Energize Talent Acquisition’ for our clients.

👌Please join me in welcoming them all to the Kinetik family and we look forward to a great working partnership from here.🙏🏼


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