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💥Kinetik Hiring | Partnership with Autobahn💥

🗣 Autobahn is a technology start-up with a vision to make cybersecurity and vulnerability management accessible to all businesses. Their SaaS product has been developed by some of the world’s finest cybersecurity researchers and experts. Autobahn has a commercial HQ in Berlin and is establishing a technology capability in Jakarta, Indonesia, which now in a phase of rapid expansion👏🏻.

🤝We will be supporting Autobahn with its next phase of growth, enabling them to dramatically scale up and optimize platforms and drive product development for a host of new platform and services. As such, we are conducting a market wide search for the very best talent across the following categories to be based in Jakarta.

👉Engineering manager

👉Backend engineers

👉Frontend engineers

👉Sales engineers

👉Devops engineers & team leads

👉Engineering manager

👉Security software engineers

👉Lead product designers

✊Autobahn has a unique mission to be an industry pioneer and leader in a rapidly evolving new digital business. If you feel a special connection with this vision and you feel you fit into the skill categories above, then we'd love to hear from you🙏🏼.

👍Swee Jim Ho will be leading hiring activities for all specified positions along with his team consisting of Raymonda Hermistan and Keren Selvam. They will be following up very soon with more details of specific roles we are handling. Meantime, please feel free to reach out on the email below for a confidential discussion with Jim and his team👇:

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