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💥Kinetik Hiring | We are 1 years' old today!💥

🤘We are very proud to announce Kinetik is celebrating its first year anniversary today. Judging from our infographic below, we have been busy! This boosts our confidence further to aim high.

👉 For the Kinetik Hiring team, year 1 was about change, growth and hard graft. What was just an idea 1 year ago has now matured into a living, breathing business with a culture, identity and clear vision for 2021 and beyond. 💥

👉 We are so privileged to have such a smart, dynamic team in place and very grateful for such support and commitment from the pioneer team. This has been a true enabler for us so far.❤️

👉 Thank you of course to our clients, who saw in us the passion to bring value where it's needed. We are incredibly proud of our continued working partnerships.

👉 We are excited to deliver our core vision to Energize Talent Acquisition in 2021 and beyond and at the moment it looks like the year has big plans in store!


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