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If you’ve watched the Last Dance on Netflix, you know that when Nike first signed Michael Jordan and promised him his own shoe line, they were looking to achieve $3 million in sneaker sales after 4 years. They did $126 million in his first year. Quite simply put, the Air Jordans were a game-changer. Similarly in the digital industry, you often come across disruptive new tools and technology that have that Air Jordan potential. Be it in terms of brand new functionalities, increased efficiency or cost savings, here are 3 of the most note-worthy tools we have come across.


  1. (Test Automation)

Selenium has been the most popular test automation tool in Malaysia for the last couple of years by a country mile now. It is open source, it supports third-party integrations and it is language-independent. What’s not to love? However, there’s a new kid on the block now. is an automation framework powered by Selenium that allows you to program in JavaScript. It has drawn rave reviews for its simplicity and ease of use. It comes with everything you need to build scalable and sustainable test suites and it’s super front-end friendly. By nature of being programmed in Javascript, it reduces the mental load of switching from writing the actual functionality in JavaScript to writing the test code in JavaScript to pretty much zero.

The commands and the syntax are also very simple and concise compared to other Selenium-based tools out there which require you know Python, Ruby or Java. These languages are very verbose compared to a WebDriverIO script.

Not only does it not require you to implement anything from scratch like you would with straight Selenium, it also carries loads of extra features not found in the straight Selenium version. For example, it has a nice installer that gives you options for adding different frameworks (i.e Mocha, Jasmine, Cucumber) and built-in support for other third-party tools.

  1. Buddy (DevOps)

There are a number of popular CI/CD tools in the market right now. Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Spinnaker etc. However, you might not have heard of Buddy. Buddy is a web-based, self-hosted platform with a gorgeous UI that provides CI/CD as a subscription service. It uses delivery pipelines to build, test and deploy software. The pipelines are created with over 100 ready-to-use actions (e.g build-tools, Docker, Kubernetes etc.) that can be arranged in any way – just like Lego bricks.

Buddy has been praised for its simplicity - setting up your CI/CD workflow takes less than a couple of minutes. It makes automation easy for developers who aren’t IT administrators. Unlike some other automation platforms, the available presets and hints that each pipeline comes with allows you to develop and customize your deployments and testing with very little learning curve. Maintaining it is a breeze too.

Don’t confuse it’s simplicity for a lack of features though. With Buddy, you can deploy multiple technology stacks to multiple different environments, integrate unit testing, check application up-time etc. All this while viewing everything in a single interface! Buddy also provides useful tools for developers to create/customize their own integrations via cURL or SSH, further opening up new worlds of possibilities when building your own pipeline.

Compared to a more traditional CI tool like Jenkins, it’s clear what Buddy brings to the table - convenience. A SaaS solution like Buddy is much easier to set up compared to a locally hosted alternative. Without the maintenance and installation burden, the only learning requirement is working with the tool itself. It doesn’t require the services of a specialist SRE or DevOps Engineer, which is a really good option for developers who simply want to develop features without worrying about the other stuff.

  1. Dataiku DSS (Data Science)

Don’t know where to get started on your data journey? Fret no more. Dataiku DSS is an end-to-end data science software platform that allows analysts and data scientists to build and deploy predictive applications efficiently. Similar to the tools mentioned above, Dataiku stands out for its comprehensive suite of services and its ease of use.

For starters, it can be connected with more than 25 data storage systems. It is able to detect automatically both the format and the schema of your data, so it is not necessary to write the format settings before reading a data set.

It also comes with more than 80 built-in functions to prepare, clean, mix and clean data, hugely simplifying what would normally be an arduous task.

Joining datasets is also a breeze. A key element of any analysis, it can quickly become very irksome to deal with when you have several sources (both in terms of computation time and joining criterion). In Dataiku, blending data sources is simplified (and all visual, no VLOOKUPs required) with specific processors that can easily retrieve all data from other datasets or join based on specific, fine-tuned keys and criteria.

Last but not least, Dataiku is very accessible to non-coders. Dataiku allows non-coders to easily access high-level ML techniques like training algorithms, making predictions, identifying clusters, and extracting useful information about features without writing a single line of code. As such, people with different skill levels have the opportunity to contribute, leading to a much better overall result.


While these tools have not yet been widely adopted in Malaysia yet, they have been mentioned on more than one occasion by CTOs and Tech Leads I have met over the past few months. Candidates in this industry can get a headstart on the competition by learning more about these tools on their own. When the demand for this kind of experience inevitably surges, you will be well equipped to take advantage of it.

The team here at Kinetik Hiring are always working hard to stay abreast of what's HOT in the market and we are more than happy to dedicate consultation time to Talent, HR and line Managers who would like us to share such insights to help shape your own approach to building your Digital resources. Feel free to drop us an inquiry at:

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