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☕️Teh Tarik Time at Kinetik!☕️

🗣This is the name we have coined for our informal, open ended chat sessions we are running monthly for our team members across Kinetik. It's basically 1 hour of free flow chat which is gamified, based on guessing the identify of fellow colleagues from a set of achievements that are read out at the start of the session 🤓.

We split the business into 3 groups and from the snapshot below, I can share we have:

💥An ex-rapper

🕺A swing dancer

🏒A former national ice hockey champion

🦈A shark conservationist

👉The last 18 months has taught us the importance of human engagement. Whilst businesses can function and maintain productivity via the power of VC, we've had to really work hard on building chemistry and trust internally to ensure we have real depth and connection in our work culture 🤝.

And the fact we have so much talent beyond just talent acquisition was a real eye opener🤯! We are looking forward to making the process of ensuring our fabulous team gets to know one another easier as we hopefully move towards normalcy in the not too distant future!✊


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