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💥Wheels of Wellness💥

👉The global pandemic threw up lots of challenges for individuals and businesses, which brought stress both physically and mentally, resulting in poor well being and self care. Some companies had initiatives to help their staff, in other companies people were left to fend for themselves…. So what to do? 🤘Simon Antrobus and Sam Baxendale are both middle-aged recruitment guys brought together by work, a passion for talent acquisition and a need to improve their physical and mental well being due to the stresses of the global pandemic. Our solution was to get onto our bicycles and do something about it! And so it was… Wheels of Wellness was born. 🚴‍♂️We’ve been riding for a few months getting mentally and physically fitter week by week, which is when we decided to set ourselves a BIG challenge, a 200+KM ride from KL to the East coast of Malaysia. We agreed it was a great goal and something to work up to. A follow up thought was can we raise money for a good cause whilst doing this? This is when we engaged with MYReaders Literacy Hub...📚 👉 Please check out the video below for an insight on the great work they do: 🙏🏼 And to donate via our fund raising page, please use the following link:

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