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Salary Insights - February 26, 2024

Kinetik Hiring | Market Bytes | 2022 Salary Survey

?We are excited to share with you our 2021 annual salary survey covering all functions associated with the Digital sector ?


?We feel this is one of the most comprehensive sources of salary data available for what is an emerging sector, which means data sources covering many of the niche digital sectors in the market, are hard to obtain ?


?Since Kinetik is at the forefront of supporting leading edge, high growth digital organisations, we have unique access to such data sources we can derive insights from ?


⏩We have been able to compile salary data from all our activities across 2021 based on averages for each function and level of experience. We have also benchmarked this to additional trusted sources through our partner network to fully rationalise our findings ?


✨We hope you find the data points useful for your own benchmarking purposes and would be happy to hear from you for any further insight we may be able to provide based on a deeper dive into your requirements!✔️



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