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Thomas Shearer

Head of Product Management & Operations


Kinetik has been able to provide us with good value for money, a dedicated account manager and team that are both very knowledgeable in the areas of expertise we need. We were able to place oneof the shortlisted candidates within two months, which is very fast for a senior role. We’ll be more than happy to engage in future hiring windows with Kinetik.

PC (Pooi Chan) Gan

Country Manager


Kinetik’s professionalism and high touch approach with both Homage and the candidates we were presented with was outstanding. They have played a fundamental role from the point of talent sourcing to the final offer stage, all in a short span of 3 months and with 10 headcounts filled during this period. I would highly recommend Kinetik.

Chanthip S.

Head of Talent Management

Siam Makro (Digital Business)

We started the Digital operation with a limit of manpower resources, especially for software engineering, data and product, which were the main requirements for our business.

I am delighted to say that having worked with Kinetik for more than a year, allthose involved have reported that they greatly appreciate the partnership and collaboration and based on the ongoing exchanges of insight, we have also learnt from the experience

K Minglani

Co-Founder & CEO


Working with kinetik has been a game changerfor us. We hired over 30% of ourteam during pandemic all in collaboration with Yixing and the team at kinetik. We would highly recommend them and would say yes to working with them again in a heartbeat.

Anjali Lakhiani

Talent Acquisition Manager


What has impressed me the most was how they were able to really understand Mindvalley ’s culture and values and as a result fulfil our hiring needs. It was also a unique experience working with them as they not only supported us in headhunting and sourcing but also on our overall recruitment operations. They manage to pick up the operation flow so fast and seamlessly integrated with our Mindvalley way of doing things.

Meilian Gan

Group HR


Kinetik’s agility, flexibility have been invaluable in helping us maintain and ensure stability especially during unexpected situations. The team learnt the industry quickly and managed to find creative ways to source for candidates in an industry with a tight talent pool. Sam and the Manager-in-charge were hands-on in guiding, supporting the team as needed to ensure smooth delivery of work. A true partner, they have been available and responsive whenever we needed them.

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